Event: Sukar Ramadan

Over the weekend we passed by Sukar Ramadan exhibition which was held at 360 Mall. The exhibition featured around 20 companies displaying their latest sweet creations including snacks, baked goods, confectionery, chocolate, ice cream, gurgai'an stuff, and serving plates and platters. We went there right after lunch because a) we didn't want to get tempted by all the desserts surrounding us and as a result end up consuming unnecessary calories. And b) to avoid the crowd. To our luck, the exhibition wasn't crowded so we took our time enjoying the presentation of almost all of the booths. The only unfortunate thing was that I couldn't find the booth which was selling The Women in My Life cookbook, I read about on Danderma

The first booth that caught my attention was of course 21 Carrots', I have previously featured them here. They had designer bags as part of their display, so it was only natural for me to visit their booth first. I inquired if the Chanel, Hermes, and Balenciaga on display were for sale. The sales guy took me by surprise when he told me that those bags were actually replicas and that this was their new concept for Gurgai'an. They'd fill up the fake Chanel with sweets and you will send it to family and friends as your kid's Gurgai'an. Hmm... Interesting! And how much would it cost per piece? A whooping KD 70.  Blump.. that was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.
Moving on, I fell in love with 21 Carrots' serving plates made out of either glass or natural wood. Beautiful pieces if you're looking for something new for your home. The booth's display in general was amazing. 
Those natural wood vases looked stunning and they were priced at KD 45 I think..

I can't believe this is a fake Chanel!

My favorite glass plate from 21 Carrots

Lazurd Catering got my vote for the best food presentation in the exhibition. I wanted to sample everything but I decided to settle for their fresh raspberry juice which tasted so good.

Lazurd was previously mentioned on my blog here.  

Lazurd is located at Arraya complex.

If you can't live without chocolates, you might want to check out De Brand. Their booth was filled with unique chocolate everything! And they use the most uncommon ingredients as flavors. They don't have a store yet, but you can find out more about their offerings by calling  (+965) 9949-6222 or you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram @DeBrand_q8.

The booth of Beba’s Home Furnishing had a selection of quirky cool serving trays like the one shown above. They don't have a store yet and unfortunately I lost their contact details, but I'll try to find them somewhere.

You wouldn't expect November boutique's booth to look anything but pretty. They had a nice selection of photo albums and of course everything related to tableware, bouquets, and serving plates.


so many great ideas for food presentation :)

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True... and perefect for anyone who's planning to host a major event :)