Event: Becarre Gallery Ramadan 2012 Exhibition

You know that feeling you get when you visit a new place, and it's sooo beautiful that you just don't want to leave? That exactly how I felt when I visited Becarre Gallery for the first time last night. I wanted to live there not only because every detail in every corner was simply beautiful, but also the pieces on display were a reflection of our Kuwaiti heritage, which as a Kuwaiti felt close to heart. Hussam Al Rushaid, co-owner of Becarre Gallery, managed to take classic old pieces from Kuwaiti culture and recreate them in a very innovative and contemporary way. The results? A place full of charm and sophistication, while preserving our culture.

Last night, Becarre Gallery was hosting its Ramadan 2012 exhibition, organized by my fellow bloggerista the lovely Ansam. The businesses that participated in the exhibition couldn't have been more perfect, their items beautifully complimented and blended in with Becarre's surroundings, which have translated into an exhibition that has an incredible amount of character. Participants are: Khazaf by Najla & Loulwa AlRadwan, Silsal Ceramics, Dana Nafisi Jewelry, Aisha AlFadel Designs, and Authentic Glamour by Latefa AlGharabally. I strongly recommend you visit the exhibition if you're renovating your home, looking for gifts, or looking for fancy caftans. Let's take a virtual tour of the exhibition now shall we...

Becarre Gallery Ramadan 2012 Exhibition is held from Sunday July 29th 2012 to Tuesday July 31st 2012 from 8:30PM to 12:00AM. Don't miss it! It is located in Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarak Street, Northern Salmiya Building - 2nd floor (next to BHS, elevator entrance). For inquiries, please call (+965) 2575-7725. You can also follow them on instagram on @becarrels.

My first visit was Khazaf's corner where I was warmly greeted by the ever-so-delightful Loulwa Al Radwan and her cousin Najla Al Radwan. They design a line of furniture and home accessories where they mix Islamic handmade tiles by NARCreations, the brainchild of Najla, with modern furniture and home accessories designed by Loulwa, who also happens to be a famous interior design blogger too. The results? Exceptional pieces that blend Islamic and contemporaneity designs in harmonious manner.

For their latest updates, follow them on Instagram @narcreations and @interiakw. To order or for further inquires, you can e-mail them at interiakw@gmail.com or totaq8@gmail.com.

Beautiful pieces to decorate your walls with by Khazaf

Candlelight holder with an Islamic design

This is a very smart piece by Khazaf, it serves as a rotating table and at the same time, each tile can be removed and used as either coasters or hot plate mats. 

Decorative ceramics for your walls, you can have your name (or any word for that matters) as part of the design. Check out the red ceramic, it has "Al Radwan" as part of the design. You can customize the below side tables and puff chairs to have the tiles in the colors/design you like.

My second stop was at Silsal Ceramics's corner. Of course it needs no introduction as I have featured them previously on my blog here and here. In this exhibition they are unveiling a couple of their new designs like the beautiful turquoise tables shown below.

Taiba Al Humaidhi of Silsal Ceramic

In love with the colorful round tables shown above and the cube-shaped ones shown below, all by Silsal Ceramics.

Some eye candy/neck party by one of the guests of the exhibition 

I finally met Kuwaiti talent designer Aisha Al Fadhel face-to-face. Her designs can be summed up in two words: statement pieces! So many unique details in her caftans, think embroidery in bold neon colors, crochet used in unexpected ways, belts with turban-like knots, and extravagant fun-filled designs. These caftans are exactly what one needs for fancy Ramadan ghabgas (dinners) and receptions. And I guess that's what put Aisha Al Fadhel on the region's caftan-desiging map, she's been designing for the past 5 years and every Ramadan people wait for her collection in anticipation.

I wasn't planning on buying a caftan, I have what I need for this season, but there was too much temptation so I gave in at the end and bought me one. The funny thing is that Aisha reminded me that I was one of the first who featured her designs on my blog back in 2008. I have a memory of a fish! I completely forgot about that! So when I went back home I searched my blog and found this post.

Aisha Al Fadhel also designs Ready-to-wear and eveningwear too, if you're interested to find out more, have any further inquires, or would like to place an order, please call (+965) 9736-2222 or send an e-mail to aishalfadel@hotmail.com. Check out close-ups of her collection below...

Beautiful belt!

Dana Nafisi is another Kuwaiti talent in the jewelry design category, and her brand Dana Nafisi Jewelry is a familiar name on my blog, I have previously featured her work here and here. Dana presented her latest collection titled The Rocks collections, which featured cufflinks and rosary made out of sterling silver and rubies. I must say that these pieces looked very luxurious and unique. Not for everyday use, more suitable for special occasions. She also had other beautiful designs on display as shown below...

To place an order, please send email to alnafisi.d@gmail.com.

A beautiful guest in a gorgeous Moroccan caftan

And now check out the items on display at Becarre Gallery
I'd like to have my dining table set-up exactly like this next time I host a gathering at my place! Beautiful setting!

Serving plats with Arabic calligraphy 

A wall beautifully covered with decorated pot covers... genius!


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