Event: Amna Al Salem's Debut Collection

If the sight of the beautifully designed clothes fills me with joy, then the sight of seeing a Kuwaiti creative force behind these same clothes fills me with pride and joy. Last night I was invited to the unveil of Kuwaiti designer Amna Al Salem's new and much-anticipated Ready-to-Wear collection. The event was held at the 17th floor suit of Missoni Hotel Kuwait, and organized by Pretty Little Things

I was blown away by some of the pieces she designed, that pink skirt decorated with flower like detail and paired with a cute shrunken mint-colored jacket?? Heart! Her work can be best described as sculptural and full of texture. She manged to fuse her clothes with unexpected details, creating amazing three dimensional pieces with an undefinable charm, like nothing I have seen before in our region.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take photos of her full looks due to privacy reasons, however, the designer will be sharing photos of her final lookbook soon. I just took these first 3 close-up photos of her designs as I don't want to spoil any element of surprise. The first photo shows a brooch also designed by Amna.

You can follow the designer on instagram @amnaalsalem for more previews and highlights of the event. Thank you Amna and PLT for this lovely event and I wish you both the best of luck.

And now photos of the guests, unfortunately, some photos I have taken of the guests were not of great quality so I couldn't post them here, maybe it was the lighting? but hey, I ain't no pro photographer...

And some close-ups of some beautiful fashion by equally fashionable ladies

Remember this necklace from Jewels by N?


Anonymous said…
hey confashions, who is that gorgeous lady with the gold dragon necklace if i am not mistaken? she is always impeccably dressed. any idea where she got the necklace from?
Ghadah said…
Some beautiful shots. They make me want to kick off my pjs and dress up for a wild Ramadan night out :)! In one of the photos, the reflection of the woman's earring looks like neck henna. Gorgeous. My favorite are the 'kid's' necklaces (photo with Al-Sarhan?). They're lovely and ever so slightly scary (in a good way, sort of like voodoo dolls :).

Najwa Aldardeer said…
you just made me wish to visit Kuwait
Anonymous said…
The girl is Shaikha Noor Mubarak Al-Sabah, head buyer at Al-Othman.
awatif said…
Mashaallah Confashions! you do take good pictures. Stop second guessing yourself.
Confashion said…
Its Ms. Noor Al Sabah she's a fashion buyer at Al Othman boutique :) Not sure where she got her necklace from, but I hope she reads this comment and gives us an answer :)

Thank you! I think you were refering to the other post about The WhiteExpo event ;) I almost bought the kids' necklaces and your right they do look like voodoo doll! lol!

Najwa Aldardeer
We'd love to have you over in your 2nd home Kuwait :)

Thanks ;)

Thank you sweetie xoxo I had more photos that I took of guests and their amazing necklaces but the lighting didn't help much :/