Dots and Daisies

I passed by Fendi boutique the other day and found these glamed-up embellished clutches, so my first reaction was to ask the salespeople if these were part of the new pre-fall collection? They confirmed to me with an affirmative "Yes". Anyhow, I took a closer look at this beaded clutch with polka dots detail and neon orange fur trim and found it to be very appealing. The polka dots gave this retro vibe to the design. But as I was inspecting it closer, it hit me! I've seen this before on or maybe magazines as part of Fendi's S/S 2012 collection. But anyhow, I didn't want to embarrass the staff so I just kept quiet. Besides, the fur trim is more suitable for fall I guess. There was another similar style of the clutch/shoulder bag but with a beaded daisy design, I loved the ombr├ęd fur of that one, but a daisy design? really? More like a school art project of first graders.

Fendi boutique is located at Salhiya Complex. For inquiries, please call (+965) 2249-3985.