Dare to Wear

I spotted this crazy turban at Bloomingdales Dubai. And to my horror, I fell in love with it! Where would I possibly wear this in Kuwait?! Other than at the comfort of my own home, maybe host a dinner party just to flaunt it in front of close friends and family of course? Or mayyyybe mayyyybee, if I'm brave enough, to a women's gathering/party. Not sure if I'd pull off the look though, especially on days when I don't have my hair blow dried by a pro.

This turban doesn't come cheap too! It was priced around KD 140+ and now it's on sale and selling for around KD 70 more or less. Something to add to my "what-was-I-thinking" collection... maybe.


Anonymous said…
big nay! i don't dare
LadyB said…
This turban provides you with wings, you may fly as well lol !
I can't picture it on an actual head though !
Confashion said…
Justnoon and Lady B
LOL! it need a lot of guts! ;)