Checking Out Window Displays

I didn't find a lot of eye-catching window displays in Dubai this season, but I did find some camera-worthy ones curtsey of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The window display of Chanel boutique in Dubai Mall was dressed in Paris-Bombay collection. I like how they had the mannequins’ nails painted diagonally in gold and red. And the jewelry?? O.M.G! Gorgeous! especially the hand jewelry! And that Baluchon bag (heart)!

On the other hand, and for or some reason I felt like this season Chanel's mannequins looked ugly. Something so tacky 80's about them. They appeared to be of the most cheapest sort. Quite distracting especially when you have gorgeous accessories and clothes on the window display. 

Moving on from Chanel's window display to Louis Vuitton's window display, we've seen these paper collared tops on a lot of LV's window displays. But these paper-made heels were new to me. Cute! aren't they?

Comments said…
waited for them to change the display to get the skirt ;) got lost in this collection!
Confashion said…
It's gorgeous! #alaich bil 3afiya ;) I'm sure you will rock it effortlessly ;)