Bag Lady

And here's the bags' post I promised to follow. All the photos featured here were taken during my stay in Dubai, and they're mostly from the pre-fall collections. I was very impressed to find almost all of the designer boutiques and the high-end department stores in Dubai had their pre-fall collections on display early July! Which is something that retailers in Kuwait should take note of. Why keep us waiting till late August for the new collections to be on the shop floor. Sure we can always resort to online shopping, but offline has its special flavor (minus the pain of returning poorly fitted clothes/shoes). Nothing beats the personal service you get from some of the boutique owners, the instant gratification of walking out with your purchases, and the ability to test what you're buying. And let's not forget better value for our money, no shipping fees, no tax fees... etc. 

Anyhow, back to bags! Take a scroll down for some eye candy...starting with Chanel's boy bag in a beautiful shade of green and covered in stingray leather... Price tag? Around KD 1,700 if I'm not mistaken.. The bag comes in at least 4 different colors: beige, red, and purple too.

Another bag that I'm starting to warm up to is the Loewe Amazona in multicolor calf leather. I like the color combination and the leather is just amazing. Very elegant indeed. Loewe's boutique is located at Dubai Mall.

I instantly fell in love with structured clutch by Ports 1961. I spotted it at Symphony boutique in Dubai Mall. It was from the brand's S/S collection and it was on sale too. Who knew wood could be so mighty fine? 

Gorgeous details on this Chloé Elsie square mini shoulder bag from the brand's pre-fall collections

Check out this super cute mini clutch by Chloé! Its leather is similar to this one. And it's called the lipstick clutch, yup.. it can ONLY fit a lipstick. This one is from the sale item. Chloé boutique is located at Dubai Mall. 

Spotted! Fendi's mini peek-a-boo bag in red! I liked it even more than the black version which I posted about previously here. Fendi's brand boutiques are located at Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall.

Another set of minis by Dolce & Gabbana... and they were on sale too

Mini bag is the flavor of the day I guess! Some really super mini bags from Chanel.

And of course a mini bags post wouldn't be complete with out the Céline Nano in a dark shade of grey

More from Céline, not sure if they were from S/S or pre-fall collections. But they weren't on sale..


The Collector said…
gorgeous! thanks for posting this, such eye candy.
Anonymous said…
Hii I was wondering how much is the Celine nano ? And do u think theyll bring it to Kuwait?
Confashion said…
The collector
My pleasure :)

I think it was around KD 450 more or less.. I'm sure they will get it in Kuwait. You need to go to the Celine boutique in Arraya and ask them to reserve one for you.. :)