Queen of Elegance

I don't know about you but I love seeing what royalties from our region have been wearing for formal events or even out and about. And they fascinate me even more when they show support to regional fashion designers. Recently, Her Majesty Queen Rania set a remarkable example of supporting regional talents during a grand ceremony held in Amman, when she paired her traditional caftan with Jordanian Designer aennis eunis's Arabic calligraphy clutch.

According to the designer, the Arabic calligraphy laser cut suede that created a delicate flap to cover the Bronze metallic leather clutch, was made specifically for Her Majesty and will not to be produced thereafter. I wish they would consider reproducing the design, as I'm sure it would look ideal to pair with our Ramadan caftans.

Also during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Queen Rania showed her support again by wearing Krikor Jabotian, shown in the photo below.  The Lebanese designer created her day outfit, a red pencil skirt and a three quarter sleeve top with a bronze gold dipped broche. "I believe it was a hit." expressed Krikor. And I couldn't agree more!

I have recently posted about Krikor Jabotian's amazing work here
Special thanks to aennis eunis and Krikor Jabotian for sharing the photos with me.


Joseph Aboud & I said…
She almost has Kuwait and Kuwaiti written all over her sartorial preferences. The place where you live and are born begins to grow on you and its influence rubs off on you in every way imaginable.
Rania and I- we go back a long way. We used to be neighbors in good 'ol Salmieh back when it was still the silk stocking district of the Persian Gulf. I can see where she gets some of her fashion spunk from.
Confashion said…
WOW! You were neighbors with a Queen, ain't that amazing? :) I like her sense of style, very elegant and she know what suits her :)
Anonymous said…
effortlessly gorgeous !