Exclusive: Anmatt 2 - The Clash of the Icons works by Abdulla Al Awadi

I was invited to a private preview of Kuwaiti architect, artist, and entrepreneur Abdulla Al Awadi's second exhibition which is set to open to the public tonight at 7:00PM at Dar al Funoon. I've always been a fan of Al Awadi's ability to mix different patterns, cultural icons, and images to create beautiful geometrical piece of art. So I was really excited to see what he has done this time. But first allow me to share with you a brief bio about the the multi-talented Abdulla Al Awadi.

Al Awadi is a trained architect and currently teaches in the Department of Architecture in Kuwait University. He also designs contemporary clothes, theatrical costumes, jewelry, accessories, indoor and outdoor installations and plastic art. He is also a photographer, a makeup artist, an art director, a choreographer and a lover of poetry. Wow! Is there anything this guy can't do?

Now, back to Al Awadi's exhibition, which is titled Anmatt 2 - The Clash of the Icons works. The artist tries to showcase the dialogue and the ironic relationship between poetry, story, geometry, society, iconography and color through the use of graphic design on wall art, scarves, clutches designed exclusively for Sarah's bag, and pillow cases. The amount of visual details on most of the pieces displayed were just insane! In a good way! Every time I look at one of his pieces I see something new and unexpected. One of my favorite items was this very colorful and detailed scarf, featured in the photos above and below, named Al hob ya walady or "Love... o my son", which is inspired by words and images from an old Arabic song by Egyptian singer Abdul Haleem Hafiz called Qarreat Al Funjan or "The coffee cup reader". Scroll down for more of my favorite artworks.
I strongly recommend you check out the exhibition, which will be on until 21st June. Especially if you're looking for clutches to go with your new caftan or want to buy a gift for someone who appreciates arts, or simply get your cultural fix. For details about the location of the exhibition, please click here

Clutch designed by Abdulla Al Awadi for Sarah's bag. The artwork design is inspired by one of Um Kalthoum's songs.

In love with the way the scarves were displayed. And by the way, the installation was also designed by Al-Awadi.

Can you guess the icons behind this artwork? look very closely...

A clutch designed by Al-Awadi as a tribute to Missoni's patterns.

Scarves come in two sizes... and they're all for sale.

I loved this clutch because it used a lyric from one of my mom's favorite songs. And of course I bought it!

This artwork is sooo on-trend with this season's floral prints. It actually reminded me of Mary Katrantzou!

Something for fashion lovers...


Dear Romeo said…
Anonymous said…
ooooh love the dorothy bag! awesome work, i get this weird huge smile on my face everytime i see beautiful local work whether its food or fashion.
Confashion said…
Dear Romeo
Even more beautiful up close! :)

I know! I feel the same! Such talents make me feel proud. :)