Dear Confashion: Sofia Al Asfoor

Showcasing new and emerging fashion talent from our region is something I take pride in. And recently I have been contacted by Bahraini handbag designer and entrepreneur Sofia Al Asfoor, who's mission is to bring the best Bahrain has to offer to the rest of the gulf and beyond.

After getting her training from London College of Fashion, Parsons New York, and Istituto Europeo di Design, Sofia Al Asfoor worked diligently for 3 consecutive years to design and produce an extraordinary set of luxury handbags made from genuine and exotic leather in the most beautiful and the brightest mouthwatering shades. The design is distinctive by its pyramid shapes and origami-like details, giving the bag a very modern, on-the-go feel that's equally suited for a day of shopping or work.

And even though I haven't seen the bags up-close, but I'll take the overdressed's word (and stunning photos!) for it. The photos on her blog (shown below) and on Sofia's website just show how well-crafted the bags are. Sofia is due to receive her first delivery very soon, and they will be sold at Saks Fifth Avenue Bahrain.

To find out more about Sofia Al Asfoor, please click here


Me Blogging said…
Looking good, I want the blue
I HART BG said…
If Bahrain can get a Saks Fifth Avenue why the blazes cannot Kuwait get one? After all with all due respect Kuwait is far more fashion forward than all the rest of the GCC region.
Confashion said…
Me Blogging
Their colors are just amazing!

I Hart BG
It's not like a competition of who gets Saks first. It just happens that Bahrain is more welcoming to the international investor than Kuwait. They make processes much more easier. Unfortunately, in Kuwait processes like these and simple ones like renewing a resident's visa... etc can be an inevitable nightmare to anyone who goes through it.

As for finding fashion forward people, even though its not something I judge a nation on, I know how ironic this may sound coming for someone like me, but I truly believe that throughout the GCC, we have an equal amount of fashion savvy people. I've met so many of them in bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi (haven't been to Oman yet) and their sense of style has blown me away! And that's my opinion of course and I respect yours :)
Life's a shoe said…
these bags are gorgeous!!
Anonymous said…
Dear Confashion,
I am from Oman I follow your blog daily : )
Well, unfortunatly in Oman we are still way behind fashion : (
It is sad to say that we are no where close to Kuwait or any of the other GCC countries when it comes to fashion. That does not mean that we do not have a few who are trying to,,, but they are kind of looked differently in the sociaty.. Adding to that, people are not willing to pay for fashion! the cheaper, the better. and that is why we do not have designer shops in Oman yet. However, things are improving but will take a long time to reach there!
Confashion said…
Life's a Shoe
I think so too :)

A reader from Omna! So cool! :)
What you have said was very interesting! Oh well, look at the bright side, the country's infrastructure is developing right ;) and that's more important than fashion!
24 carrots said…
Besides the red tape and all of the cloak and dagger bureaucracy involved in obtaining permits and licenses I should think big ticket names like Al Othman and Al Ostoura will fight tooth and nail the entry of Saks Fifth Avenue in the overheated Kuwaiti market.'Tis a turf war, my lovely!
i'm also from Oman and i like your collection it's so amazing .... and you are so talented :D <3