Classy Chloé

Chloé is one of those few brands which stands the test of time with grace. I bought 3 or 4 pieces from Chloé throughout my shopping years and I wore them for seasons (sometimes years!) later. Take for example that mini Chloé clutch I instagramed about last week (@confashions). I bought it back in 2000, one of my first net-a-porter purchases I must add, and last week I chose it over my other recently-purchased clutches for a formal event and I swear it looked brand new, of course with a little TLC. So classy and elegant.

On the subject of did you know that in 1966, Karl Lagerfeld was the brand's head designer, and under his direction Chloé became one of the most iconic fashion brands of the 1970's (source).

Anyhow, check out some of the gorgeous pieces I spotted at the brand's boutique in Al Thurraya Mall in Salmiya. And nope, they're not on sale.

Cute slightly oversized clutch...

I'm in love with Chloé two-tone accordion pleats for S/S 2012. They look so pretty when moving. Chloé's boutique at AL Thurraya Mall only received two pieces of this style. One is a flowy dress and the second is a top just like the one shown in the above runway photo (taken from but in green (shown below).