21 Carrots

I finally managed to visit one of the two new concept boutiques launched by the Sheikh of Chic Majed Al-Sabah. The shop is called 21 Carrots, and The first thing that caught my attention was the stunning interior of the boutique. And I'm not surprised, Sheikh Majed's standards are always impeccably high, so I wouldn't expect anything less from him. If you scroll down to the last three photos, you'll notice the amount of wood craftsmanship and carving done so beautifully. And it's such a nice treat because I don’t often come across captivating interior inside shops in Kuwait. Sure we have a lot of boutiques in Kuwait that sell gorgeous stuff, but in most cases fashion store owners prefer to keep their interior plain vanilla.

Back to 21 Carrots, the boutique offers a vast selection of desserts, salty canap├ęs, and sweet delights for receptions, gifting, and special events. Think chocolates, cakes, macaroons, and cookies which go by the name of Crazy for Chanel, love for ford, Mr. Karl, and Viva Valentino. How adorable is that? They also offer catering service to assist you with customizing food menu for your special occasion. They'll take care of the silverware, flower and table arrangements too. 

And that's not all, every now and then, 21 Carrots will host a new fashion designer where he/she will showcase his/her latest collection of clothes or accessories. This month, 21 Carrots is introducing Indonesian designer Biyan Wanaatmadja, one of Indonesia’s most prominent fashion designers. I haven't heard of him before, but I liked what I saw a lot. His limited collection included a modern selection of exquisite and meticulously embroidered dresses, tops, and caftans rich with oriental heritage. The price range is between KD 400 and KD 1,000. My favorite piece has to be the caftan/dress featured in the first photo. I'd definitely wear it for fancy Ramadan Ghabga (Dinner). And I loved the statement necklace paired with it too, it looked like something fetched from a coral reef. I hope the boutique will not turn into catering business only, because when you get a taste of beautiful fashion like Biyan's, you'd want to see more.    

21 Carrots is located at Al Hamra Mall in Kuwait City. For further inquires, please call (+965) 6604-8222.

Furniture displayed in store is also for sale. They can also replicate the interior design of the walls for your home if you want. 


Now those are the strangest cookie jars I've ever seen. Brilliant!
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The display's really nice :)