Zara?! For Real!

It's amazing how every season Zara presents a pair or two from its shoes collection which look too good to be labeled as high street! Yes, they are not always that comfy or made of the greatest material, but they have some of the best designed selection amongst all other high-street stores and of course budget-friendly. I spotted these at Zara London the other day, I'm sure they're available in Kuwait too as I remember seeing them before, and I was really contemplating whether I should get a pair or not. The style featured in the first photo reminded me of Prada's S/S 2011 collection. And I loved the color combination of the ones featured in the second photo.


Nadine said…
A trip to the local shoemaker and they're good to go ! most significant example is this pair of pumps that I got after spotting them on fashion toast Not so comfy at first, but after a little heel adjustment, they became perfect !
Confashion said…
You're right.. a little DIY goes a loooong way :)