What a Wicked Thing You Do

Oh Mr. Pierre Hardy, what a wicked thing you do, make me dream of yooou.. well, not you, your shoooes. So, Aïshti boutique at the Avenues Phase II has finally received Pierre Hardy's S/S 2012 collection, a little bit late arrival since the sale season is just around the corner. Nevertheless, beautiful shoes are always a sight for sore eyes. Of course my favorite Pierre Hardy pair goes to the one featured in the first photo, textured leather, exotic skin, a mix of colors, and geometric metal detail? What's not to love.


awatif said…
You are wicked too confashions! Posting this just adds more stress.
fmt said…
pierre hardy <3 *sigh*
Confashion said…
LOL I know imagine the kind of self-restraint I have to go through when surrounded by such beauty :)

I second that! <3