Visiting Deco Expo

I passed by DecoExpo2012 today, an event that mainly showcases businesses related to home furniture, home accessories, and interior design. I wanted to get inspired for my home revamping project, which is currently on hold due to lack of time and creativity. The first thing I noticed is how well-spaced the booths are. And It wasn't quite as crowded as I would have expected it to be, which was perfect for me! I walked around without being shoved or pushed. I had the time to fully enjoy the view of the beautiful pieces and talk to the business owners without being rushed. Here are some of the items/booths that I liked...

The "DecoExpo2012" Exhibition, will take place from 1-3, May 2012 (three days) from 10am-10pm, at 360 Mall - Exhibition Hall.

Silsal Ceramics' booth had this amazing modern looking wooden table with a ceramic plate strategically placed in the middle of it, creating the illusion of connecting two tables, or at least that's how it looked to me. The ceramic plate was beautifully carved with Arabic calligraphy. Truly a statement piece...

I have featured Silsal Ceramics previously on my blog when I covered last year's Pretty Little Things event

I have taken this above shown photo at one of the booths, what's so special about it? Notice the shoes shelves on the back? They're actually a wallpaper! Isn't that cool?? Noor Bin-Eidan's booth offers a vast selection of unique wallpaper and she had a huge catalogue dedicated solely to fashion-related wallpaper! I personally wouldn't use it for my bedroom or changing room, but I think it would be fun to use it for an office, boutique, or an activity room.

You can see more pictures on their facbook page or on instagram @uniquewallpaper.   

Lovely acrylic furniture and pieces from Acrilico Fabbrica

Tiles covered with real plants! That's something unique and they don't require any maintenance, no watering, no cleaning, no need for pesticides. The first of their kind in the entire Middle East according to the sales guy. The made-in-Italy tile can set you back KD 55 per tile. Pricey but very unique. 

Loved MAZE's booth the most because of its display, just look how beautiful the colors and different prints blend together and compliment each other.

I have previously featured designer Bibi Al-Ghanim's brand MAZE on my blog here.

And last but not least, check out this multi-functional modern piece shown below with hint of traditional flavor by Optimus Designs.