Turkish Treasure

Every fashion savvy lady knows that the easiest way to transform your look is with statement accessories. And recently I have received an e-mail from a half Turkish half Palestinian Jewelry designer based in Istanbul, who shared her beautiful pieces with me. The verdict? Ottoman Chic makes perfecting the high-low mix of statement accessories a piece of cake. 

Ottoman Chic is an unconventional bridge jewelry line comprised of authentic and diverse designs intended to meet the taste of all women. All designs are hand-made and are 24-Karat gold plated and unique in their compilation of semi-precious stones and pearls. The designer limits the designs to a maximum production cap to avoid giving it a "mass-produced" feel.  

Ottoman Chic brings together the cultural diversity of the Middle East and mystique of the Ottoman empire while being heightened with the touch of graceful imagination, a mosaic of colors, elements, and feelings. 

Ottoman Chic is currently available in Montreal, New York, Antibes, Riyadh, Amman, and Beirut. Price Point is between $180 and $400. 


1001Nights said…
Wow very very nice! Hopefully she'll get to come to Kuwait to one of the exhibitions and sell this stuff. I think it could be a HIT if it happens a little before Ramadan.
Confashion said…
Turkish Treasure
You're absolutely right, they'd go well with caftans :)