Temptations at Boutique 4

The other day I passed by Boutique 4 in Shuwaikh as I wanted to get a closer look of Black Gold falcon sculpture by world-renowned  AGI Architects, an international design firm providing comprehensive services in Architecture, Plannin, Urban Design and Interior Design. The idea behind the installation is to create a provocative call for social environmental and urban awareness. Of course that was my first "intention", to find out more about the installation. However, the moment I stepped inside, I unconsciously went straight to Charlotte Olympia's new collection which I have been meaning to try on and get a closer look at ever since the boutique posted their pics on instagram. My intellectual side of my brain was embarrassed of my fashion obsessed soul, but I knew that my brain will eventually forgive me at the end because one pair were literally a work of art (featured above) and worthy of a display in a museum. So I think that balanced it out... 

Anyhow, take a look of some feet candy and interesting fashion and home accessories available in store. Oh! And in the last two photos you will see the Black Gold falcon installation I was referring to earlier in the post. 

Hello Charlotte Olympia.. the leaf sandals were tdf!
This may look like a bracelet but it's actually a gorgeous necklace with stone like details
If Cartier's Juste un Clou bracelet/ring are waaay out of your budget, try these reasonably priced versions
Another crystal encrusted bracelet to love! Remember the one that I posted about here?

Modern looking Sheesha/Narghile. I HATE smkoing in all its forms, but I have to admit these look interesting. They actually reminded me of a Narghile business called Belle Epoque, which have e-mailed me their products and I featured them on Dear Confashion page. 

I loved this... ehat it looks like a fiber optic lamp stand! Beautiful piece!
And finally, the Black Gold Falcon installation...


Your blog always has such interesting, original and precious things to admire. I love it and have added it to my list.
Anonymous said…
sweety wear can i buy this modern shisha ? and how much is it for ?