Styling DKNY

Following our previous styling collaboration for DKNY A/W2011 and KENZO Resort 2012, I have been approached by Al Yasra team to do another styling session for DKNY S/S 2012, but this time, it included models, video taping, and a whole lot of stressful laughs and fun. Mission? To style eight different looks on the models using DKNY's clothes and accessories, video shoot the models while striking a pose, and then dress up the in-store mannequins according to the selected looks. It was slightly challenging to dress up the models because each one had different body proportions and skin tones, so what looked nice on the mannequin while doing my selection, didn't necessarily mean that it will look just as good on the real model. So I did some last-minute alterations on the looks and I think the end result was fabulous, if I may say. 

I'll be sharing with you the video clip soon. In the mean time, here are some behind the scenes photos of our styling session. You can view my previous stylying sessions here and here.

DKNY boutique is located at the Avenues Mall Phase II. Thank you Betool for making the session fun and easy breezy and thank you Al Yasra for this opportunity.

This is one of my favorite looks because it's something that represents my personal style, I love mixing and un-matching different prints and patterns. Once we photoshot the model, we dressed up the mannequin and put it on the window display. taddaa...

Loved this green bag by DKNY, makes a perfect bag for work or even university. I have also found peep-toe heels in the same pattern as the above look, for someone who wants to go prints-crazy head-to-toe.

A lone beige light-weight coat paired with a crepe silk half printed and hald plain dress. If you're a muhajababe, you can pair the dress and light-weight coat with a pair of skinny pants... very elegant.

This is another classy chic look that can be worn to an outing with the girls, family gatherings, or even to work if your work environment is more on the casual chic side. Unfortunately, the photo do not do the colors of the pieces displayed here any justice. The pink colored pants have a beautiful rosy shade. You can pair it with a collar necklace or any statement necklace, a structured tote and a pair of killer heels. 

Loved this flowy maxi dress with Ikat and blurry floral prints... so perfect for our hot summery days and nights.

Maxi skirt in beautiful abstract patterns... perfect to pair with a sleeveless button-up top, a short sleeves tee with a shrunken vest.

Cameraman in action...

I think I went slightly overboard with my selection... was it 8 or 15 looks? J/K Betool!

Cute wedge sneakers! If Isabel Marant is way out of your budget, check out these!

This is my second favorite look, so casual chic and comfortable! I loved it so much that I bought the dress myself! Perfect for hanging out with the girls, traveling city destinations, shopping... etc.
The button-up dress has a longer tail on the back and fitted from the top with a cute full skirt-like detail
Strike a pose! OK.. now I'm tempted to buy the sneakers as well!
Of course the look wouldn't be complete without this lovely black clutch with "inspired-by-Valentino/Prada" functional and chic green-colored strap for carrying around. Yup... add to cart!

Golden gladiator sandals to pair with maxi dresses/skirts and caftans
Cute dress! Santorini here I come!
On-trend tropical floral prints on a black shirt dress..
Oops! Made a lot of mess in the fitting room!
Betool of Al Yasra Group looked very casual chic in her printed paige denim! loved it!