The Matador

I passed by FA Gallery to attend an exhibition titled The Matador by a Spanish fashion designer Agustin Torralbo. I've never heard of the designer before, but I decided to go since I've always been intrigued by the beauty traditional Spanish costumes worn by bullfighters and Senorita dancers. In fact, the sight of Senorita dancers reminds me of funny stories of my childhood. I remember once my cousin and I got invited to a masquerade party, and my cousin showed up dressed in the prettiest mini Senorita dress, however my mom decided to send me to the party dressed up as a farmer costume!! Seriously mom?! I would have settled for a clown costume! But nooooo, a "fala7a!" is more "fun"! Moving on...

I took a closer look at an original Matador's, or a bullfighter's, costume. It was beautifully and heavily embroidered with gold. I wish they were for sale, I would have bought it to wear it on top of my Ramadan caftan. 

The exhibition also had the original cape of the famous bullfighter Victor Janeiro on display, the pink-colored cape is featured below. There were also a selection Senorita dresses, I liked the ruffle details on some of them, featured below, and that lace uses as a veil is just beyond pretty. 

If you appreciate the craftsmanship of traditional costumes, then you'd enjoy this exhibition. The Matador exhibition will be held until Sunday 20th of May 2012 from 10:00am to 10:00pm.


Me Blogging said…
Just last week I was telling my sister we need a matador costume tp have it as an art at home :)

laa bes salfat el fala7a LOOOOOOL
Confashion said…
Me Blogging
The embellishment on their traditional costumes is very artistic indeed.
marĂ­a said…
Hi, I am from Spain, senorita dancer? is not the name of the dancers. they are called "bailaoras" and the costume is not senorita dress but "gitana dress" (gipsy)

victor janeiro is not a well know top bullfighter but very popular in spain becuse of his brother Jesulin, wich was a famous bulfighter but now allways on TV because of family scandals and ex girldfriend... hope you enjoyed the true history!