Living on the Edge

I was at Burj Jassim the other day for my mani/pedi appointment at Bubbles Nail Spa when I realized that there was this one shop that always seemed to skip my radar, for some unknown reason, when walking around the mini mall. And since I had some spare time before my appointment, I decided to go to the mentioned shop, called Edge Boutique, and have a quick browse. I noticed that they didn't have a huge selection of clothes, but according to the sales lady, it's because they're in preparation for a big Ramadan exhibition set to be held this Sunday June 3rd at 7PM, where they'll be hosting an evening celebrating the talents of 5 local and regional designers and their caftan collections, more details here. However, when it comes to the accessories department, Edge Boutique had a big selection of mouthwatering statement accessories by Mawi jewellery, Dannijo, and a new brand (new to me at least) called Nowhere. Think strong, bold, and sparkly earrings, rings and necklaces adorned with skulls, crystals, pearls, and florescent accents. What's not to love!

Check out their facebook page here and follow them on instagram @edge_boutique for photos with better quality.


PearlsBoutique said…
Love the accessories!!! so unique!
Shizzy said…
those bags are adorable need to go visit and take a look!

Shizzy from
Anonymous said…

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Confashion said…
I couldn't agree more ;)

Glad you liked them :)

Thank you for sharing!