Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If I Was to Host a Garden Party...

If I was to host a garden party or a Ramadan Ghabqa, I'd use this beautiful Mashrabia Cabana as the main seating area. Designed by André C. Meyerhans, a perpetual, aperiodical pattern evolves in all three dimensions around the cabana. Where absent on the metal structure, the pattern is applied on the shading screen to be complete. A few openings, randomly picked, serve as lights. Sheer curtains and a generous chandelier create an elegant feeling inside.

The Mashrabia Cabana will be showcased by JAMM ART DUBAI tonight at Toby Arts, Warehouse # 11, Al Quoz 1in Duba and until May 15th. Price tag? USD 33,000/AED 120,000. 


Anonymous said...

See full Cabana video on youtube:

Anonymous said...

The Mashrabia Cabana is now ready for action


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