Guest Post: Some Food for Thought

The, a site designed to help men navigate fashion online and discover which styles and items to buy, has shared with me results of a men’s fashion survey which they have conducted recently. The survey quizzed 1,000 men and asked them about their interest in fashion and how much they rely on their partner’s opinion when they buy or wear clothes.

Here are some of the key interesting statistics:
  • Women most often help pick out clothes for other people’s parties, meetings, work and office parties
  • Wives buy clothes for 49% men, Mums 32%
  • 27% of men say their partners influence their decision on what to wear and 30% advise on what clothing doesn't match
  • 32% men trust their partners judgement in terms of fashion, 29% say partner knows what looks good on them, 27% say partner has a better eye for how things look
  • Most popular clothing partners buy for men: Socks (42%), Underwear (41%). Shirts (35%)
  • Up to 46% men sometimes rely on partner to pick out clothes so they don’t look scruffy or out of place at work (Q20)