Event: Experimentواحد

I don't recall I have ever been or seen an exhibition in Kuwait where everything, from A to Z, looked flawless quite like Experimentواحد exhibition, which was held last week at Arabana Warehouse in Al Raay.  The display, the collection, the whole ambiance, everything was just perfect.

To say I am impressed by Experimentواحد and their work would be an understatement. Architects Dalal Al Hashash, Fatma Al Obaid, and Khawla Al Hussaini have managed to design and produce handbags using industrial material, genuine leather, and other unexpected details, and were able to add beauty, creativity, and femininity to industrial pieces. Think ropes weaved into beautiful geometric shapes, delicately laser-cut leather in pretty shapes; perfect stitching, and bright florescent plexi details. As I scanned each handbag at the exhibition, which by the way they were beautifully displayed in a very artistic installation (shown in the photos below), I realized how much efforts were put into creating a piece, great attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

I was taken, revitalized, and convinced that these three talented Kuwaiti architects had accomplished a very intelligent marriage of their engineering and architectural skills with  their passion for fashion. They are such a creative force because, unlike the business of caftans in our region, they are making strides in a field rarely tackled in our country, and they’re producing top-notch high-quality distinguished pieces, that I bet you won’t find elsewhere. 

Experimentواحد was previously mentioned on my blog here and here. If you wish to order a bag or have any further inquiries, please send an e-mail to Info@ExperimentsLab.com or click here. You can also follow them on Facebook and twitter for their latest updates and on instagram (Experiment_1). 

In love with their installation
The above image is a close-up of one of my favorite bag, it had the shape of a shopping bag, very light and easy to carry. And its geometric weaving makes it that more special. If my memory serves me right, the price tag of the bag was KD 90.

The plexi hexagon bag looked ideal to pair with caftans and maxi casual chic dresses
Another favorite is this chain framed laptop bag. Check out the details of stitching and weaving, absolutely flawless. And it was quite light to carry.

Under each bag displayed, there was a board with an illustration of the bag, its name, and the price tag.

Meet the designers Architects Dalal Al Hashash, Fatma Al Obaid, and Khawla Al Hussaini
Another beautiful installation at the warehouse's yard
Every bag purchased gets packaged in one of these well-made board boxes which were also artistically displayed at the entrance of the warehouse.


Noufa said…
Mashalla amazing work ,, wish them all the best :))
Noufa said…
Is the exhibition still on? If not where can i get their bags? Thank you :)