Event: Debut of H By F Designs at AlOthman

I was invited to attend the launch of designer Fahad Al Marzouq's exotic leather handbag collection HbyF designs, which was held last night at AlOthman Boutique. The warm-welcoming hosts, the cool bags, the fashionable crowd, and the whole ambiance, the launch party was nothing short of amazing. The first thing I did when I got there before socializing was take a closer look at Fahad's creations. The handbag collection was designed using rich exotic leather, ombred feathers, lots of studded details, and had a great deal of fine craftsmanship. I truly believe that this time Fahad was able to project unique styles to his designs AND was able to cater to different tastes at the same time. There were the retro-like oversized snakeskin clutches in beautiful gem tones, think emerald green (featured above and my fave piece of the collection), cobalt blue, red hot, and golden yellow, which I thought they'd be ideal for someone with a subtle yet chic sense of style.  The other pieces were more targeted to those who love fierce fashion and hard-core fans of studded accessories. Scroll down to check out some of HbyF designs.

Designer Fahad Al Marzouq dressed in a Kuwaiti traditional dishdasha, Knowing his unique personal style, I didn't see that coming! I liked this look too. 

Loved this feathers covered clutch with a hint of violet colors

An evening clutch modeled by the lovely Hawzen of Goji Boutique

The event was also packed with some seriously seriously seriously stylish crowd, unfortunately I missed taking photos of a couple of well-dressed ladies. Check out these photos of beautiful people just as stylish... start ogling at the fabulous clothes and accessories now. Kuwait's got style baby!

OMG! Those Alaïa gladiator sandals are killing me! L.O.V.E!

Gasp!! Givenchy's shark-tooth necklace?! STUNNING! I've looked for it at least 5 different places in London and it was sold out! More on that later...

Check out the Louboutin manicure done by The Boudoir Salon. Unfortunately, the red insides are not clearly visible in this photo but I'm telling it was very neatly done.

The ring! Gorgeoussss! In case you're wondering from where, it was bought from Octium Jewelry Boutique located at 360 Mall.

Loving all these details!

Messy ponytail! Very chic!

The more the merrier!

Givenchy's shark-tooth necklace again! FABULOUS!

Sweet and simple! I like.

Standing tall and glamorous

The super friendly Fashion Editor of Marie Claire Kuwait Magazine Zainab Al Abdulrazzaq looked elegant in red

Hello pretty YSL heels!
Neon Louboutin pumps rocked the floor!

And that's the end. Elegant one too... no?


May said…
We seriously have amazingly stylish people in Kuwait! :D
Fahad Al Marzouq's exotic leather handbag was a good quality material from the looks of it on the photo. I've scrolled down to a lot of surprises from the shoes and the beautiful people who wore them. I get so excited when there are new styles I've never tried to deal with before.
1001Nights said…
The guy's got talent. My friend has a purse of his, a red ball with studs. I thought it was awesome! I do wonder how he's gonna fair when the studs fashion is over. He's definitely one to keep an eye out for. It would be so cool to have a Kuwaiti bag designer with worldwide recognition.

I must admit I'm not fond of the over-piling of unrelated necklaces. One statement piece necklace on a single-colored top is enough of a VAVOOM. Several of them put together that have much different textures/materials can sometimes look way overdone and it takes away from the beauty of each individual piece. It's different from the bangles which look good when they're piled on in many shades and textures. Shwaya harsh in my opinion.
Confashion said…
Yop! I couldn't agree more ;)

designer clothing
He's quite amazing and has a talent in producing edgy accessories. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next :)

I think he's find a way to add fierce details, other than studs, to his designs.. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out :)

Not harsh, you're always entitled to your opinion :) I think the piled up necklaces are not as easy to pull off as bracelets. I think it depends on how you layer them up and what to layer up rather than how many... a bit tricky... :)
1001Nights said…
La moo gasdee inaa to make them into bracelets instead of necklaces. I'm saying piling them up has to be done carefully with statement pieces. With a few delicate gold chains with different pendants on them that's easy to pile and it can look nice. Bass when something is a beautiful stand-alone piece it's a shame to detract from its beauty by adding another beautiful stand-alone piece. Instead of looking like you searched and ta3abtay 3ala ma tilgain such a beautifully designed necklace it looks inich 5amatlich cham wa7da min some cheap accessories dikkan, know what I mean?