Decking Out Your Home in Style with The Iris House

I want to live here.

I could just sum up my post on The Iris House with this one sentence and leave you scroll through the photos. But it wouldn't be fair not to dwell on the beauty that surrounded me when I first stepped foot inside the recently relocated home accessories shop.

Located in Messilah, The Iris House curates different home furniture and accessories from all around the world. The way their merchandise was displayed really felt like they were not only selling pretty things, but also focused on creating beautiful, and most importantly, complete and coherent environment for your home. Think furniture, paintings, antiques, sculpture, wall and floor decor, cutlery, hanging lights and chandeliers, mirrors, and so much more. Almost every piece complimented the other pieces around it. I was really overwhelmed by the number of beautiful items surrounding me, and I mentally started creating "I-want" list in my head! Again bad news for my savings, especially that most items don't fall under the "budget-friendly" category. But if you can afford to splurge, then it is definitly the go-to place to “dress up” rooms in style.

You can follow The Iris House on facebook by clicking here and also on instagram @theirishouse.

In love with this ceramic tray with an attached teapot, I think you can use the teapot as a flower vase or maybe for small snacks like dried fruits, candies, or nuts?

This huge chandelier had a wooden log as its backbone... gorgeous!

Spoons for istikanas (small tea cups)
The hip glass-in-glass style, for juice, tea, and coffee...

Naturally as soon as I saw these tray I remembered Mira Tiger Mood

Loved this retro-looking mirror

I have a weak spot for anything covered with mother-of-pearl...

Detergent/Chemical packages never looked THAT cool!

Through the window...


Anonymous said…
where is the location of this shop??
Confashion said…
Massila, Block 1, street 31, Villa 33.
PrimaDonna said…
The chandelier slays me!! 0_0 <3
Out of curiosity how much was it?
Mira said…
love ur post and my tigermood trays :)* must buy it for ramadan tea time ;)