Dear Confashion: Modern Sadu Textiles & Pieces For Sale

In case you have missed Zeri Crafts' exhibition titled Gulf Handicrafts: New Interpretations, New Horizons that was held recently at Sadu House. You can check out its installation and pieces on Dear Confashion page. The exhibition showcased pieces inspired by our Gulf heritage; the textiles by the Bedouin weaving art of sadu, and the mabkhar by the patterns we find in Gulf architecture. The exhibition carried 76 pieces handwoven and hand-brocaded in silk., which took 9 months to weave. Most of the pieces were purchased during the exhibition, with the exception of a few cushions that are still available. 

 If you are interested in those, or would like to pre-order, you can send an e-mail to Or maybe you own a home accessories boutique and interested in carrying the modern-looking textiles and mabkhar.

Featured here are some close up images for you so you get a sense of the quality of the piece.