Boy Oh Boy!

When the Boy Chanel bags made their debut, I wasn't too thrilled about the collection mainly for one reason, I didn't like the look of chain used on the bag. It looked too... industrial. Bear in mind that I made my judgment based on only photos I've seen of the Chanel ‘Boy’ bag. And Boy (no pun intended) was I wrong. The other day I saw the boxy ‘Boy’ bag in black and pearly white at the brand's boutique in Salhiya Complex. So I decided to give it a try, I took a closer look, carried it on my shoulder. And at that point I pretty much got hooked, unfortunately for my savings. There is something so rough-chic about its structured shape and the geometric metal fastening featuring the iconic double C’s and yup... that industrial-looking chain. Price tag? KD 1,075 for the black one, not sure if the pearly white had the same price tag, but if you're planing to get it, here's a word of advice, don't wear it with denim to avoid staining the bag.


awatif said…
Thanks Congfashions for posting the price. I am intrigued though, what do you mean by not staining the bag wearing jeans? i thought the abaya was enough! I don't own a white bag due to that particular reason.