Saturday, May 5, 2012

Accessorize Your Neck

One of the things I love about minimal caftans, a look I'm targeting for Ramadan this year, is that any statement accessory goes for some added dimension.. You can go chunky, or you can go long/short chains, or mix and unmatch, of course the more accessories, the merrier. My fave accessory this year goes to statement necklaces. They just look wonderful piled on a few at a time or wear necklaces of different lengths and textures. I spotted some really nice selection of made-in-turkey necklaces at Wings Boutique in Shuwaikh and picked up one to wear with my new caftan and casual outings. They're quite reasonably priced too, price range is between KD 20 to KD 45 if I'm not mistaken. Worth checking out...

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