What I'm Looking Forward to At Alwan and PLTQ8 Events

Today and tomorrow, we will all be in for a treat! Two event will be held and both will be featuring some really exciting newely established local businesses as well as hot emerging brands from our regions! Today, we have the Pretty Little Things (PLTQ8) Charity event which will be held at Bait Al Sadu. The event will help raise funds to refurbish a part of a local orphanage. And tomorrow we have Alwan - Art & Fashion event, taking place at Dar AlFunoon, this event will have a showcase of regional and local brands as well as a collective exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Art. Definitely a must-see for art and fashion lovers. You can find out more about these two events by clicking here. So, here are some of the business I'm looking forward to see up close and personal. Let's start with the first featured photo of statement necklaces by Dannijo and Shurouk which will be shown at Alwan event

Studded leather collars at Goji in Alwan

Ricamo home accessories.. they're so classy and elegant, also at  Alwan event.
Cool-looking building blocks by Press Design at PLTQ8, for that kid who has everything...
Wing of Love necklaces by Dana Nafisi at Alwan event.
Saudi brand Fyonka's adorable and chic canvas bags with prints of iconic "it" bags at PLTQ8

Saudi brand Sotra's modern-looking turbans at PLTQ8

Saudi designer Razan Alazzouni's pastel colored cocktail dresses at PLTQ8

Chic everyday jewelry by May Jewelry at PLTQ8

Paper Design's oh-so-pretty greeting cards at PLTQ8
Cute baby stuff by Baby B at at PLTQ8

Th'haba's flat sheet diamond necklace at PLTQ8

Qumar 14 pretty loungwear at Alwan event also she'll be revealing new collection for Ramadan
Auras beautiful arabic calligraphy ring at Alwan event
Pieces by Farah's Ramadan Collection at PLTQ8
AnaKatarina Eco Gioielli 18k rose gold, diamonds and mammoth bone with "Ishq" engraved and enameled in grey at PLTQ8.

The Yard's cute home accessories at PLTQ8


ImanG said…
If you can please leave an properly active link to where we can find the calligraphy rings that would be awesome. Im looking to buy one but the link you provided is no longer available.