Webby Wednesday: Q8mommas.com

Are you a super mom jggling family, work, and social duties? Do you get that "How do you do it?" frequently from your friends? Then you must check out this new blog on the block: Q8mommas.com. Two extremely busy mommas share their experiences and knowledge of being a full time mom and work full time as well. They tackle issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum depression (yes it exists!), Pediatricians, nanny issues, schools, “the Guilt” that comes with being a mother, and more. Very insightful indeed, click here to start reading. 


q8mommas said…
Thank you confasions for your support, we are sincerly greatful!
N.ALmirshid said…
I've read it and i loved all the tips, two thumps up !!
Confashion said…
My pleasure ;)

I couldn;t agree more :)