Visiting Violet Concept Store

Finding the perfect gift for my mother, sisters, or friends is always challenging. How can I manage to make my gift better than last year's? Will they like it? Will they use it? And you know what's worse? Buying a gift for any man. Watch? Wallet? Shoes? Even clothes? Yup been there, done that. So when visited Violet Concept Store and by the time I left it, I knew exactly what I'm going to get as a gift for some of my family members and friends. Especially one that is obsessed with watches! Sorry friends and family, the surprise element is ruined, but I'm pretty sure you'll like the gift anyways. 

I've heard of Violet Concept Store for quite some time, and up until the day of my visit, I was under the impression that all they do is change your watch strap to the color of your choice. Little did I know.

The friendly owners of Violet Concept Store gave me a detailed description of what Violet is all about and the type of services they offer. I came to know that Violet is not only the first company to bring out to the Middle East leather and fabric straps made in France from the finest and most reputed workshop, but also they sell watch and jewelery boxes, watch winders, cleaning products for jewellery, scented candles exclusive to the store (soon) and other small leather goods customized to your taste. Scroll down for more...

Violet Concept Store is located in Sanabil Tower on Ahmad Al Abdullah Street in Kuwait city, the same building where the new Napket is, and are open from 2pm to 8pm weekdays.

The owner should me the leather strap she has chosen for her Cartier Santos watch. Customized leather straps take around 2-3 weeks for them to be completed and delivered to the client. You can not only pick the color and type of leather you want, but also the color of stitching used. They have already experience in making straps for watches by big brand names such as Cartier, Piaget, Chopard, Rolex... etc.

Samples of the leather and color you can select for your preferred watch strap. Think crocodile, ostrich, satin, calf skin, stingray, and more.  Got a specific color on your mind? Bring a sample to the store and they'll make it for you.

Taking care of your watch will help you to keep it in a good condition for years to come. That's why Violet has a huge selection of Watch Winders by Wolf Designs. What the boxes do basically is that they wind and rotate your fine automatic watches when you are not wearing them. I've never seen such thing before. It was very interesting.

You can buy or customize watch and jewelry boxes and trays for your vault or drawers to neatly store your precious items.

Customized wallets which can be engraved or laser printed too, so you can add your initials, name, or a message to the gift.

Leather bracelets and iPhone/iPad/BlackBerry cases are available too

The interior of the store is inspired by a watch's interior bits
They also have a small jewelry section where they stock a brand called Ingenious Jewellery. The brand offers a selection of chic and contemporary pieces in gold and silver at affordable prices. The price range is between KD 25 up to around KD 60 more or less, which makes them perfect for gifts. 

A special thank you goes to Violet Concept Store for your invitation, warm welcome, and informative tour.


Mark said…
I've previously gotten my Wolf Design boxes from Amazon so I'm curious to know how their prices stack up.
Confashion said…
I loved the concept and only came to know about it through them... I think the prices are more or less the same...
Thank you Confashion for this amazing post and it was a great honour to welcome you to Violet Concept Store.
Anonymous said…
from were did u get the gold bracelet ur wearing?
Confashion said…
From cartier