Video: Settle Down

This song by New Zealand singer/songwriter Kimbra has to be the perfect theme song for New York's Bridal Fashion Week. I listened to it a zillion time! Her voice is just so full of emotions and so beautiful. However, the video has a little mix of creepy and cool. I think it's trying to showcase how, as little girls, most of us dreamed of getting married, having kids, and settling down. Just like barbie and Ken? Thoughts?


Anonymous said…
I love this song!
1:01 min, best part. Girl got some groove going on.

Love from Switz.,

Miss Ghesquiere said…
i never remembered that i was supposed to get married and settle down when i was a kid.
Confashion said…
I'm glad you do :)
Yeah.. I love the way she dances!

Miss Ghesquiere
You're different.. and I mean it in a good way :)
I should have made it clear that as little girls some of us were brainwashed into believing that getting married and having kids is the only thing you need to achieve in life. Don't get me wrong, it's nice but it's also important to focus on other aspects in one's life like education and career.