The Ture Colors of Shoes

While doing my seasonal (more like weekly!) closet clean up to take note of what I need to buy for the season (as opposed to what I want), I came to realize that my shoe closet really lacked basic colors! I mean I didn't have any pair of brown, tan, or black flat sandals! Colors that are essential for building a complete summer wardrobe. Florescent? Yes.. and two pairs! Why would anyone in their right mind buy two pairs of florescent-colored shoes?!! Bright orange? Check. Red shoes? Absolutely! Hot pink? yellow? 3 shades of green? purple? Blues (lots of blues!)? Check, check, and check! And NO basic colors?! What can I say, blame it on impulse buying! So I decided to go to Sergio Rossi boutique in Salhiya Complex since my sister recommended that I check out their flat sandals in brown. I came in the store, and the first thing that caught my attention was the neon yellow one... and I fell in love with it even more than its boring brown version, the one which I was supposed to get...  I guess basic colored shoes and I are not meant to be... oh well.. old habits die hard.

Scroll down for more colorful shoes to love. 

Stilettos in the season's "it" shade pastel pink, spotted at MaxMara boutique in Salhiya Complex

Oooooh Fendi Fendi! When it comes to designer shoes, hands down, they have the most comfortable heels, and one of the best quality too, in in my humble opinion. Plus, who doesn't love a ladylike peep-toe heels and a cute bow detail? This style comes in yellow/white and black/white...

More from Fendi... 

Remember when I posted about Aldo's footwear collaboration ALDO Rise which i spotted during a recent visit to Dubai? The fashion project in which ALDO created with designers Mark Fast, Preen, Libertine and JW Anderson? Well guess what? I have found the missing Preen pair at the brand's store in the Avenues. I tired them on, and for some reason I wasn't as excited as I though I would be. Their price was tempting though KD 50 only! But something just wasn't right... I have to admin though they were quite comfortable. I also saw other styles (shown below) from the collaboration which were not available in Dubai.

Cute emerald green sandals from Uterqüe embellished with crystals. very Miu Miu like, no?


Safiyya said…
Baby, love your blog so much, I like everything you post!

I think it is better you choose the neon over the brown ones, you can add a basic color somewhere else in your attire. With me mostly my shoes are the accents of my outfit..!

BIG XX~ S. said…
OMG!! all so pretty! lost ;p
Confashion said…
Thank you so much :**

And that's exactly what I did *blush* I love colors.. thats my style I guess :) and I'm embracing it in full :)
I know! I want them all :P