Shop’n’Drop a Ring on it

Ever since I posted about Shop’n’Drop's edgy accessories here, I always make it a point to pass by Shop’n’Drop to check out their latest selection. I was imdiatelly draw to the rings selection in store, they were too cool to pass up, and looked great paired with the accessories I was already wearing that day, you know, the more the merrier. The winner of course had to be the chain attached rings shown below. And check out the ones in the first photo, they're sold as a set of eight rings and you get to wear them on each finger or layered up. How cool is that?!

Shop’n’Drop is located in Salhiya, between Opera bakery and Al Jarra flowers.


Anonymous said…
What are their prices?
Confashion said…
They range between KD 40 - around KD 90. The chain-linked rings were around KD 78.