MAC Chenman in the Mail

Last week I instagramed (@confashions) that I've received samples from M.A.C cosmetic's latest release, MAC Chenman collection. Apparently, the collection is based on Chen Man, one of China's most celebrated fashion photographers. She got her start taking a bunch of cover photos for the Shanghai based fashion magazine, Vision. She is also a regular contributor to the Chinese publications in Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. To be honest, I haven't heard of her until I received this collection. And I was very impressed by her bio. OK, so back to the MAC Chenman collection, the packaging of course is lovely. And as always, the first thing that always attracts me to MAC's special edition collections. Here's a brief review of what I thought of the samples...

Beauty powder "Play it proper".. nice but was too light for my skin tone, needs a lighter skin tone I guess

I liked the color combination of this Mineralize eyeshadow called "Pink Union". It has a mix of lavender, shimmery pink and dark purple. I blended them together on my eyelids and they made a nice toned-down purple shade with a hint of shimmer. 

Budding Love lip glass Lip gloss.. it gives a barely-there shade of pink... nice for the Summer

Reflects Glitter was too messy for my taste, so I'm not a huge fan of this one, I think only a tiny small dab is used on darker matte eye shadows to give a hint of sparkle..


Au natural said…
I waaant, really!! <3
Love me some mac too waiting for my new shipment!
Confashion said…
Talking with Tami
How convenience to get your make-up through mail.. love that! :)