Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Like Chloe...

Remember when I posted about Chloé's Susanna studded boots here? Well, while shopping around Zara in Dubai, I saw these studded ankle boots, shown in the photo above, and I did a double take! I stood there for a couple of minutes just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. Very Susanna-like at a very affordable price. And it's funny that 30 minutes later, I walked in Chloé's boutique at Dubai Mall, and I find the real thing, Susanna studded boots right there. Coolioli! Oh how we love fashion.. There's something for everyone...

A close up of the Zara Chloe-esque boots

And the Chloé version

Speaking of studded shoes and Zara, I also spotted these cute studded gladiator sandals. They reminded me of Balenciaga minus the cone-head studs. Not bad at all ha? I haven't seen those at Zara Kuwait yet. Or maybe they're already sold out.


LadyB said...

I saw the sandals in Kuwait last Thursday very cute ;)

Confashion said...

No way! I guess by the time I checked the stores, they were already sold out... :)

André said...

I think The zara one is even more beautiful than The chloe one. It's winter now here In brazil and we just received The boots. Loved them.

Confashion said...

Wow all the way from Brazil! That's so cool! It's steaming hot here in Kuwait :)

Enjoy wearing your new boots :)


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