Flavor of the Day: Elle Be Are T-shirts

If you're a t-shirt lover and collector, then you'll love this. I've received an e-mail from the owners of Elle Be Are introducing me to their Qatar-based brand. They offer a wide range of t-shirts and canvas bags with the cutest fashion related graphic prints. Check out their designs here.


Anonymous said…
Confashions, allah iwafighum inshalla. However, am I the only one that's sick of these copy and paste t-shirts? Where's the originality if all you're doing is google imaging a pic of studded Louboutins or a tan Hermes Birkin. La Walla, 3an jad! Oo the problem is every new "designer" is jumping on this stupid trend. Ugh, just needed to vent. Love your website and I like how you do your best to support new talents - no matter how predictable and unoriginal they are.
Confashion said…
I honestly like the way the brand did their graphic print especially on the ones I have featured, like the woman with the 3D turban. However I'm not very fond of using the usual suspects (Chanel, Louboutin, Hermes) on a graphic design though as it has been used a lot, unless done in an original way only then I might change my mind. I also appreciate the effort put into the designers so I like supporting them :) And thank you for loving my site :)