Event: REUSE 5.0 Exposition

Yesterday we passed by REUSE 5.0 exposition which is organized by The en.v Initiative, an organization dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world.  For its 5th consecutive year, the event was held outdoors and was segmented into different areas: Boutiques that sell eco-friendly, fair trade, and organic products, restaurants that offer organic food, a flea market, art galleries, live acoustic musical performances, and more.  

My favorite section was the art galleries of course, check out the piece above. I didn't noticed the quote was completed in a darker shade of black until my friend pointed it out for me. Look closely, It says "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it". I loved it! If you're the artist of this pieces and you're reading my blog, please send me your details, some people have just e-mailed me interested in your work. 

REUSE 5.0 exposition is currently being held the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) and tomorrow 22nd April will be the last day for the event, where they'll be celebrating Earth Day from 5 to 9pm.

I think these pieces are by the same artist but I'm not quite sure... We came in early and I guess, because the organizers/participants responsible of the art galleries section were not there yet. 

Loved the frame!

Several paintings by Sabhan Adam at Al Tilal Gallery's booth and at tempting prices too

LOVED these painting by Taghreed Al Baqshi  also at Al Tilal Gallery's booth.
At CAP's booth, I spotted this painting which I think it's by a 12-year old Kuwaiti artist Hamad Al Humaidan. 

This has spooked me out! It looked so real!


unsa khalid said…
hey...thank you so much for sharing...i am a participant of REUSE 5.0...the frames made out of fabrics were made by me and two other group members...My name is Unsa Khalid as you can see the illustrations were also done by me...there were some more interesting pieces made by me and my group using plastic shopping bags, fabrics, caps of bottles...i dont know how to paste a photo here...if you want to have photos of our other projects please inform me
unsa khalid said…
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Jena said…
I'm Jena Al-Awadhi - I did the first piece. Thank you! so glad you liked it! The frames with the fabric were done by a group member - Our group is called "ARTronauts"
It's a shame I didn't get to meet you in person.
Last day for Reuse 5.0 is tomorrow, Sunday 22nd (Earth Day) with a performance at 7pm

Thanks again! :)
Jena said…
This is my contact email: j.e.n.a@live.com
Thank you!

ali ahmad said…
hey there i had been to Reuse 5.0 yesterday and i saw some very interesting pieces there. there was this piece which I initially thought was a painting but when I looked closer I realized that its made up of plastic shopping bags. it had really vibrant colors and the look was so neat and sharp that it was hard to realize that its made up of plastic bags. I loved that piece and it was for sale so I am going again tomorrow to buy that one because the price was quite resonable.good luck guys keep up the good work
Jena said…
Unfortunately, my artwork has been vandalized and destroyed along with two other people's work from my group. The toys were yanked off and individually broken. Artwork from other groups were untouched. It's sad that someone would go to such great lengths to do this. We are contacting the police soon and publishing pictures in the newspaper in the coming days.
Confashion said…
usna Khalid
My pleasure :) I loved your work, you can send me some photo to confashion@hotmail.com.

I'm very impressed by your work and I was really horrified when you have informed me that your work got vandalized. I hope whoever did this gets punished!

ali ahmed
Yeah I remember that piece, very creative and artistic :)