Dear Confashion.. Inquiries from My Inbox

I have received the following inquiries in my e-mail and I'm sharing them here with you in hopes you can help me to provide them with some answers in the comments section of this post. Thank you.

So let's start with question #1:

  1. lately I've been getting a lot of e-mails from the region from new and established businesses who are looking to participate in events being hosted in Kuwait. Do you know of any? If yes, what are their contact details?
  2. Another reader e-mailed me, wondering where she can get a customised clutch with Arabic writing on it, like someone's name? I remember two years ago, one of the stores at Villa Karizma, I think Ghazel el Banat? offered to customize clutches but not sure if they still do.


Ansam518 said…
The customized clutches can be done in Nana's Accessories in Hawalli Plaza ;) and for good competitive prices too ;)
Confashion said…
Thank you so much xoxo :)
Anonymous said…
for question #1 let them contact me:
Anonymous said…
for No1. let them call Gallery 220 6777681

or AS OTHER Choice call City Light phone: 99789325 -25730833
Mrs Nicole Halabiy