Dear Confashion: Geometrica

I HATE geometry.

Why would a teacher give us shapes that we're never going to see in real life. An upside down pyramid inside a circle?! I always wondered back then. Of course people change. Especially when those fashion-obsessed people, who haven’t had a Geometry class since the early 90’s, see shapes of triangles, circles, and squares beautifully decorating pieces on the runway. That's my kind of geometry!
I have received these images from DarUsha Boutique, located at Burj Jassim, of their latest arrivals Geometrica and it made me realize that I do not hate geometry after all. I’m rather partial to shapes and volumes... in fashion that is! And I do appreciate all that geometry represents. 
The Geometrica collection offeres a distinguished pieces using innovative techniques like origami-inspired folded scalloping, shaded embroidery, and shiny vinyl appliques in pop stencil-like patterns. Want to find out more? Visit DarUsha Boutique in Burj Jassim Al Soor Street.