Christian Louboutin Exhibition in Dubai

While shopping around Dubai Mall, I passed by Christian Louboutin's  Exhibition, which was open to the public, in celebration of the brand's 20th Anniversary. Wow! 20 years?! Amazing! I only came to know about the brand in 99 I think, when I saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing a pair of pink satin sandals with a cute little bow. I fell in love with them immediately and got all excited when I found them at Gerard Darel boutique way back when it was located at Salhiya Complex, they didn't have the pink ones in my size, so I settled for the same style but in black. I'll share a photo of them soon.

Anyhow, the brand's boutique in Dubai also had a 20th anniversary limited edition capsule collection, offering loyal Louboutin clients the opportunity to own twenty of his most unforgettable styles, chosen by Louboutin from his vast archive. Each iconic re-issued style within this edited collection has been carefully updated to fuse the spirit of the original of style with modern tastes.Check out the shoes that were on display at the exhibition.

Escandria from the A/W 2010-2011 collection.

Let Me Tell You peep-toe ankle boots from the designer's A/W 2009 collection
The Trash Mule from the S/S 1999 collection

Pensee from the S/S 1993...  I didn't even know the brand existed at that time.

And the more recent ones...