Video: The Daily Notes is a middle eastern platform for undiscovered talent in film, music and photography. They're currently running an online challenge in association with Samsung Galaxy Note titled ‘The Daily Notes’. The project assigned three GCC filmmakers with three different characters. Each character is faced with a dilemma on their way to achieve their creative dreams.

Monira Al Qatami was the chosen film maker from Kuwait. She took on the story of Sara, a seamstress at a fashion design house with bigger dreams than just sewing.

The filmmaker with the highest views, likes and comments will be the winner. And the audience will get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note as well. To watch the entire film:, please click here


Bebhinn said…
Monira is the only female film maker to take part in this project, which is noteworthy in itself. Love the gossip girl reference in the movie, because, well, I'm a huge fan of the show ( but only for the fashion now, as the whole Blair/Chuck thing has gotten a bit old!).
The Collector said…
As much as I wanted to like this, I feel I cannot. The idea of the short film is that the designer was "found" because she managed to recreate an Oscar de la renta? What happened to creativity? and more importantly, stealing designs is ok now?