To Marni or not to Marni?

So the much-hyped designer collaboration of the season, Marni for H&M has finally graced the window displays of H&M Boutique in the Avenues. I'm sure most of you by now know the launch date by heart, but in case you're living under a rock, it's set to launch on 8th March. I took a closer look at the accessories, and I must admit in a sea of  designer collaborations we've been exposed to the past couple of years, the accessories of this collection could actually be worth queuing up for if you're a major Marni fan.. I hope it won't turn into a stampede like the last time!


Aline C. said…
I really hope it's not a stamped either!! This is why I hate designer collaborations.
I just want one thing, the sunglasses from the women's collection :)
Lama said…
I agree with you 100%, the accessories are the main thing I'm aiming to get my hands on. I haven't been to one of these events in Kuwait before as I was always out of the country, so I went ahead and read your post on the Versace one. I feel a little less excited that I received an invite now :p I was counting on being able to grab a few things before a crowd rushes in, I sincerely hope this event doesn't go the same way the Versace one did!
Confashion said…
Aline C
hahaha I hope you'll manage to get them :)

After the disastrous versace event, this time I'm hoping they'll be more organized :)