Susanna Suzanna I'm Crazy Loving You

You know those songs that just sticks to your mind and you can't help but sing along to when you see or hear something that triggers the lyrics of the song? Well this 80's song is one of those songs. Whenever I see ChloĆ©'s Susanna studded boots, I just keep on singing Susannaaa Susannaa.. I'm crazy loving you, which is true in this case. I've been searching for these boots for almost 2 years now but they were sold out everywhere and just when I lost hope, last night I found them by coincidence while shopping online. Woohoo!  


NewQ8 Bride said…
Mabrooook : ) glad you found it , I know how is that important to a fashionesta
Confashion said…
NewQ8 Bride
Thank yooou :) xoxo