Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shop for a Good Cause

Yesterday I passed by a charity event that was held by Help Your Muslim Brother committee, part of International Islamic Charitable Organization. The public event is held at the Sheraton Hotel until tomorrow if my memory serves me right. You will find stuff like home accessories, bedding, caftans for women and little girls, Al Faris Jewelry, fashion accessories, home-baked food, and other nicknacks.
Find out more about the committee's objectives by clicking here
I was very impressed by the quality of these locally made bedsets

I'm not sure if these mirrors were actually designed by Nada Debs or "inspired" by her work, but they really look very nice. Price tag? KD 250 each.

I like how Al Faris Jewelry layered 4 different necklaces on one stand. They look so pretty worn all together. If money was not an object....


Asma said...

I love the mirrors! They'd look gorgeous in the hallway.

Confashion said...

Me too! I wish they had them in plexi glass :)

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same decorative candle holders, each one was priced at 20 Euros which is 10 KD.

Fatima said...

Do you have any idea how can i get in touch with them? I really liked the lanterns and I was searching for this design particularly! Can you please help me?!


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