A Rainbow of Jeans.. Fifty Five Colored Jeans to be exact!

The Joe’s Jeans store, located at 360 Mall, is probably the only place in the world where you can find 55 different pairs of colored skinny-fit jeans under one roof. Colored denim make a great option to inject some color to your wardrobe. This limited edition collection made me spend at least an hour inside the store trying to figure out which colors to go for... shall I go for the neon yellow a la Christopher Kane? Or maybe go for something more subtle like pink? But there were at least 5 shades of pinks to choose from! And of course there were the blues, greens, and purples! Decisions decisions!! Price tag? KD 64 per pair. 


May said…
They are too pretty! It took me a while to choose a color, and I loved that it fits perfectly! I got the pink shade, the 3rd from the left on the 4th row :)
Confashion said…
Nice choice! ;)
I got a pair of yellow and orange denim... was feeling zesty that day! :P