Pink Lady

Baby pink leather on a skull adorned tough-chic Alexander McQueen clutch, available at the brand's boutique in Al Thurraya Mall, makes me weak in the knees! The craftsmanship on this clutch is exceptional. And the fact that McQueen clutches are timeless and a staple in my accessory rotation, makes this beauty even more irresistible. 


1001Nights said…
That's a nice bag! His clutches are all nice. Did you see the ones that are larger and have a sort of funky weird shape? There's one with a peach background and lace on it hathi ga3da ashoofha wayed. The good thing about those ones are that they're much larger than the ones in the picture so they'll easily fit a huge wallet + blackberry + car keys :)
Anonymous said…
i want much is the clutch ?
Confashion said…
Yeah they had those oversized clutches too :) The ones that look like a stingray right? And you're right those are more practical than the box clutch :)

Around KD 550 if my memory serves me right :)