A Passion for Trench Coats

I blame Audrey Hepburn for my never-ending love of the classic trench coats. And the fact that you can find them in variety of styles and unique details makes it hard to settle for one trench coat. My latest find is this really cool and very light trench coat by a brand called Gryphon featuring an interesting sadu-like embroidered trim and very subtle metallic accents. A prefect match for light dresses and cropped pants and so fit for our "now it's cold/ no..hot/ no wait cold" weather. The Gryphon trench coat is available at FashCode boutique in the Avenues Phase II. Price tag? KD 229. You can also find it online on Shopbop.com.


Marky said…
Rather than have a simple jacket, men's trench coats are more fashionable for me.