Sunday, March 11, 2012

Out of Africa

Burberry Porsum's S/S 2012 collection has hit the brand's boutique in 360 Mall. The pieces are strongly influenced by Africa and African prints. Adding a whole new dimension to that Burberry brit chic. Great finds if you're looking for formal wear for receptions and other formal events.

This jacket looks like a shrunken trench coat... the collar is so beautiful and dramatic..
Loving this peplum top.. so on trend...
Check out the details on this trench coat... magnificent!


Anonymous said...

lovely, is there any runway hats?

NO.22 said...

Can you tell us roughly what size the sculptures were?

Confashion said...

I haven't noticed it any hats in store.. maybe there are :)

I think you're referring to my P2BK's post? They were almost as high as a mug or a pepsi can... hope that was helpful...

NO.22 said...

Yes, dunno how I ended up posting here lol. Thanx for the info.


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