The Ones to Watch

Last night I attended the unveiling event of Dina Al Rujaib and Yousef Al Ibrahim's latest collaborative collection. The debut took place at Kuwait's avant-grade boutique Boutique 4 in Shuwaikh.

The first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful artistic installation which Yousef Al Ibrahim designed to display some of their pieces, they looked like they were floating on air. And then I went to take a closer look at the collection, catered for both men and women, and as I scanned each piece, I instantly grasped their design esthetic about being modern, sophisticated, clean, and minimal. The collection of dresses, blazers, tops, and vests in shades of black, white, and navy had this wearable urban appeal to them. The high-quality garments used, the experimenting with different textures, the unexpected details... absolute perfection. no wonder it took them a year to complete this project!

Showing off some of their pieces, Dina revealed she has always been into fashion and started sketching and designing as a hobby. But after a couple of years of experimenting she has decided to turn her passion into her career. Yousef on the other hand has always had some sort of attachment to fashion.. "I've always liked to experiment with my old clothes and a pair of scissors.." he said.

When I asked Dina and Yousef about the inspiration behind their designs, "Tomboys!" said Yousef. Then he continued "Dina and I were having coffee one day, way before we even started all of this, she was dressed kinda tom-boyish I would say and I liked it". "We came up with designs that fit both men and women like blazers and vests that have the same details", expressed Dina.

What are your future plans? I asked the designers. 
Dina: Focusing more on my own line. I'll be adding men's collection in my designs and taking with me what I have learned from this collaboration.
Yousef: I have two main projects on the way.. 1st is my "art" light/neon installations, which I'll be exhibiting at the Sultan Gallery.. no dates set yet but soon. And then focus on my own fashion label, taking my time with this one though. And finally getting my masters in a design major, undecided yet, but that's on top of my list.

Dina and Yousef now are most certainly one of the rising figures to watch in the region's fashion scene.

Now let's start our virtual tour...
The designers dressed in their own designs
Jassim Al Sadah the creative force behind bab.nimnim design studio and whose work I've featured previously on my blog here, here, here, and here.
Well hello there! Loved the combo or orange and cobalt blue...
Aziz Al Mudhaf, featured previously on my blog here, was wearing one killer armor ring
Guess who? Our fashionisto Yousef Al Tahir who has been featured too many times on my blog to count! Love his boots!
Loved the style of these fab-looking girls from head to toes
The tulle covered pants are TDF!! loooved them!
That dress and a blonde pixie haircut are a match made in heaven.
Gorgeous gorgeous kimono-like dress paired with emerald green Charlotte Olympia heels. heart!
And of course I had to check out Boutique 4's killer statement accessories! Love them would be an understatement!!


Anonymous said…
I love the orange nano, what is it called?
PrimaDonna said…
I loved the Kimonoisque dress!! Mashallaa thooog <3
Anonymous said…
the 2 girls are stunning
Thouqer said…

thank you miss confashions for an extensive coverage :)

all the best to Dina and Yousef
Confashion said…
celine fluo orange nano bag :)

Totally! I fell in love with the details, and you should have seen it from the front. breathtaking!

I couldn't agree more :)

Kuwait's Got Style.
And I'm glad you enjoyed reading this post :) Thank YOU for the feedback.
Anonymous said…
is the black balanciaga bag fake !!! i have never seen one with buttons/studds i dont know what they call them :P underneath . look at the pic again and u will see what i mean :D
LadyB said…
Wow, I have observed Dina's work beforehand but that's a totally different approached and im beyond surprised !
Now I regret not attending, lovely pictures dear :*
Anonymous said…
Dear confashions :thank you for the lovely work your doing ,keeping us updated with all the stylish happenings here in Kuwait . What you do sets a really high standard in cyber world . Keep it up ;)
Dina &Yousif loved your work .It was made to perfection .wish you guys all the best .
Anonymous said…
7asafa i missed it :(((
the collection looks great! is there a away i can check it out online and purchase?

thank you,
Confashion said…
I highly doubt it :) This classic style has been there for quite sometime and if I'm not mistaken is called Balenciaga Giant City bag.

You can still go and check out the collection at your leisure :). It will be stocked at Boutique 4 until it sells out.

Thank you so much for your support and your kind words :)

For the time being it will be only available at the store. So you can go anytime you like throughout the week :)
Anonymous said…
I know my bags really well , their is something wrong with her bag . Look at it below and check out other pics online of real balanciaga bags and u will see what I mean